surviving a millennial world


September 2015

When all the winners at the Emmy’s are all, “I’m not prepared…”

“I’m so flustered, I didn’t prepare a speech omg what do I say now”



Stars- they’re just like us

Except I don’t wear make-up in bed. Or if I don’t plan on getting out of bed. Which is a lot of the time. It’s a slippery slope from not putting make-up on so you don’t have to take it off at night to not getting out of bed ever.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 4.04.53 PM

FB Dislike button

Can we talk about this? This shit is gonna escalate so quickly.

Engagement pictures? Dislike.1682570-poster-1280-hater-app

Your new haircut pictures? Dislike.

Your political opinions? DISLIKE.

Oh, and your exciting new job working at  your dad’s company? DIS-FUCKING-LIKE.

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